Nous nous inspirons de notre propre réalité et de celle des parents qui nous entourent pour concevoir des produits fonctionnels et esthétiques qui répondent directement aux besoins de votre enfant ainsi qu’aux nôtres.


We make irresistible, durable and fashionable products for the modern family.

We are inspired by our own reality and that of the parents around us to design functional and aesthetic products that directly meet the needs of your child as well as ours.

Our products adapt to all lifestyles and are able to follow you everywhere with their pure shapes and delicate prints.

With us, no detail is left to chance and the quality is always there, both in materials and design.


The idea of creating Micasso & Co came naturally to us after the birth of our first child, Livia, then our second, Nora. This is when our need to enjoy thoughtful products for today's family was born.

We thus founded Micasso & Co in 2022, encouraged by the unconditional support of our parents.

Livia and Nora test each of our products. This ensures that your child will love them just as much, if not more.

The family is the most beautiful gift and we are proud to contribute to the well-being and development of yours with Micasso & Co.

Franceska & Marc-Eric

Social implication

In addition to making a difference in the daily life of today's family with our product offering for children and the home, we have chosen to play an active role within our community.

Each year, we'll select a social cause that's close to our hearts — health, wellness, education, etc. — and provide it with resources to contribute to its development and activities. This gesture is — for us — a way of giving back and reaching out to a cause that will fully benefit from it.


Provide modern families with products that are aesthetic, practical and suitable for everyday life.


  • Family
  • Listen
  • Respect
  • Generosity

Differentiating symbol

The giraffe is an animal that has been part of our family for a long time. Livia's grandmother , (name), had given her a stuffed toy in the hospital, just before she was born. This huge giraffe accompanied us in one of the most precious moments of our lives and it has been with us ever since. For us, it is therefore quite natural to give it a place of choice in the graphic universe of Micasso & Co.